Hassan Masum

Strategies for progress


 Goals for algorithmic genies

What should we aim for with our Internet of algorithmic genies?

 The Reputation Society (MIT Press)

What are the long-term challenges and opportunities for online reputation?

 Ten Simple Rules for Cultivating Open Science and Collaborative R&D

Can simple rules and conversational interviews clarify collaboration?

 Open Source for Neglected Diseases

Magic bullet or mirage?

 Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century 

How can innovative solutions build sustainable prosperity?

 Given Enough Minds...

Mass collaboration for massive problems?

 Manifesto for the Reputation Society

Can effective reputations upgrade society?

 Health Innovation in sub-Saharan Africa

What can we learn from case studies of African health entrepreneurs?

 A Visual Dashboard for Moving Health Technologies From "Lab to Village"

How might we monitor roadblocks to new technology implementation?

 TOOL: The Open Opinion Layer

What could we do with an "Internet of Opinions"?

 The Turing Ratio

How can we measure superhuman abilities?



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