Hassan Masum

Strategies for human progress.


What are the long-term challenges and opportunities for online reputation? (MIT Press page)

Manifesto for the Reputation Society
What if we create an effective reputation ecology to promote accountability, quality, and the fulfillment of our nobler aspirations?

How can innovative solutions build a sustainable and prosperous future?

Given Enough Minds...

What might an open infrastructure for solving the world's toughest problems look like?

Ten Simple Rules for Cultivating Open Science and Collaborative R&D
Can ten simple rules and eight conversational interviews clarify collaboration?

Open Source for Neglected Diseases
Magic bullet or mirage?

Five Promising Methods for Health Foresight
How can foresight methods help evolve a healthier future?

Health Innovation in sub-Saharan Africa
What can we learn from country and case studies of African health entrepreneurs?

A Visual Dashboard for Moving Health Technologies From "Lab to Village"
How might we monitor roadblocks to new technology implementation?

TOOL: The Open Opinion Layer
Why might we develop an "Internet of Opinions"?

The Turing Ratio
Can we go beyond the Turing Test, to measure superhuman abilities?